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Regional Products


We are predominantly using regional products coming from the regional agriculture and our wildalm.

Milk, beef and veal comes from our regional farms in Kirchberg and from the region Brixental.

Seasonal vegetables come from regional Tyrolean farms, the potatoes are from the Tiroler Oberland.

Our 6-months matured mountain cheese is coming from our very own alpine pasture, the Auracher Wildalm.

Family Production

The Wildalm


The Wildalm is located in Aurach close to Kitzbühel, approx. 10 km south from Kitzbühel on 1.557 metres above sea level, at the sunny hills of the southern mountains, surrounded by the Kitzbüheler Alps - the Großer Gebra, the Bischof, the Sonnspitze and the Staffkogel.

The Wildalm was bought in 1980 by Ägidius Koidl (1872 - 1936), a farmer at Zimmerau in Reith and Bräuwirt in Kirchberg of earl Lamberg. It is now in possession of the 4. generation of the family Koidl.


During summer, the alpine pasture is occupied with over 100 cows, 100 young cattle and 20 horses.

At the Wildalm we have always made cheese. We produce a world-class cheese from the best alpine milk. Today Florian Koidl works the large pot, a young Zimmerauer farmer, who has learned the craft at the Rotholz college.

It is a lot of work, until the cheese can be enjoyed by our guests.


The cheese production: the fresh milk is put into a pot (2000 litres capacity), then we add cheese culture (bacteria-enriched whey) , after 40 minutes the liquid gets heated up from 30 - 50 degrees within one hour and with constant stirring.

Then, the liquid gets pressed into round cheese forms and stored for 16 weeks - every day it gets turned and salted.

The Wildalm - Impressions

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